Inner ear linked to ADHD behaviour

In my experience many children diagnosed with ADHD, also have problems with allergies, asthma and hearing. Yeah, I know they don’t listen, but I mean real hearing problems.

Over the past decade several research studies have supported this notion. I once asked an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist whether he sees a lot of ADHD patients. “Not that I can recall,” he said. “That isn’t a real disorder is it? Don’t these kids just need more attention from their parents?”
At first I thougth he was pulling my leg, but it turns out he was dead serious. Here we have a medical specialist with 20 years experience in the field and this was his response. I was at a lost and realised the road ahead creating awareness and understanding for this condition, was going to be long and winding indeed.

So the question then … could babies with inner ear infections be at risk of developing ADHD? Or could that be an early warning sign for things to come?

Creating awareness and understanding the condition is fundemental for medical doctors, parents and families, so please read on and share:

Inner-ear problems could be a cause of hyperactive behaviour, research suggests.

A study on mice, published in Science, said such problems caused changes in the brain that led to hyperactivity.

It could lead to the development of new targets for behaviour disorder treatments, the US team says.

A UK expert said the study’s findings were “intriguing” and should be investigated further.

Behavioural problems such as ADHD are usually thought to originate in the brain.

But scientists have observed that children and teenagers with inner-ear disorders – especially those that affect hearing and balance – often have behavioural problems.

However, no causal link has been found.

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  1. This is definitely not the first time I’ve heard of this connection. I had horrible ear infections when I was young and it permanently damaged my hearing. And I have a rather severe case of ADHD.

    • Yes, it was also true for two of my three kids, the one was actually ‘deaf’ for a while – she was continually put in ‘time-out’ at school, developed severe school anxiety and it was only then that we realised she could not hear anymore. she is doing well now, but it still haunts me.

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