About Me


Hi I am Lise – ex-crime reporter, medical journalist, mother of three, music-mad, traveller (not that kind) and chronically curious Ad(h)d researcher and therapist.

I spent about 20 years working in just about every field of journalism, before making psychology my second career.

Living in an ADHD family has it’s challenges and doing research and studying psychology became my coping mantra. As a family we have had the privilege of living in the USA, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and South Africa. My kids have been through four very different schooling systems and I have observed how different countries and cultures approach the Ad(h)d dilemma.

My focus has been on parenting styles, family resilience and coping mechanisms of families with Ad(h)d. Over the last five years tremendous breakthroughs have changed the game-plan of Ad(h)d completely. For years we had to fight to get it recognised as a proper medical condition, now it’s all about gene-therapy, research, electronic diagnostics and fine-tuning – a very exciting time indeed. Within a couple years you will be able to walk into a GP’s office with a child with Ad(h)d symptoms and by doing a simple mouth swab test correctly identify which gene’s are the culprits – the child will get the correct diagnosis and the best possible medication match.

I became an Ad(h)d family therapist and coach to help other families survive the War on Terror (in your own home). In this blog site, I strive to post new research, share insights and experiences, and discuss controversial topics in this field. You are more than welcome to ask me to research any specific Adhd-related topic and I will endeavour to write something meaningful.

What I do

I work as an ADHD Family Therapist and Coach. ADHD creates stress that effects the family as a whole. Some families survive and others are torn apart, often ending in divorce (more than 50%), or parental psychopathology (depression; substance abuse; anxiety disorders) or even worse, criminal behaviour. Untreated ADHD has severe consequences for everyone involved.

In my experience a pragmatic approach works best when coaching families with ADHD. The focus is on identifying problems, setting goals in such a way as to sustain the wellness and resilience of the family, while holding the family accountable for how they deal with issues. Treatment programmes are based on Behaviour Parent Training, Behaviour Modification and Conitive Behaviour Therapy.



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