Where: Face-to-face in your home, or via skype, or telephonically whichever way you prefer. With follow-up support via e-mail.

Coaching Sessions: are sold in blocks (minimum of 4) with an intake session to start off with. The intake session will typically involve a thorough analysis of the problems/challenges the family currently is facing; as well as current treatment protocols of the affected individual.

Workshops/Training: Parents; Teachers; Special needs tutors; HR Managers; Corporate.

Specialising in: Parent Behaviour Training (PBT); Study protocols; analysing problems; goalsetting; ADHD in the workplace

Who would benefit:
• Parents of children with behaviour problems
• Families with high levels of conflict
• Parents who differ in their parenting approach
• Adults with ADHD/Aspergers

What you could learn:
• Goal-setting, problem analysis and solving; strategy building
• Motivation; self-control
• Debilitating belief-system
• Self-esteem & confidence


“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.” – Bill Gates

Do you need a coach?  Rate your happiness and coping abilities on a scale from 1 to 10:

Recursos-End2End-Coaching1[1]I enjoy being a parent.

I am coping well.

I regularly have fun and take part in recreational activities.

I am able to focus on my work, without worrying about my child/children.

I am happy with my partner.

Disciplining my children comes easy to me.

I feel fulfilled.

I feel supported by my family and friends.

I am happy about my health.

Conflict at home is under control.


The best thing in my world right now ….

The challenges I am facing ……..

What I’d like to create, experience, receive within the next 3 months …..

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